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2023 Kicking My Behind

It’s been a helluva year (already)…

And it’s time to update and reset my publishing expectations. 😅

My financial situation changed substantially earlier this year, such that I knew I needed to look for a day job again. I was working on God Wars 7 at the time but will be unable to finish it for the foreseeable. ☹ Too many unknowns right now.

However, I had a few months over the summer to follow through on my outstanding marketing obligations and finish up other on-going projects before starting the hunt in September.

In case you missed any:

  • Chimera46 and I put in some good hours finishing up that long-promised dramatic reading from Book 4: Surfacing, and it turned out great! We had fun and learned a lot, though this is a labor-intensive approach given our experience!
  • If you like, have a listen of the full 20-minute experience here!

Lastly, I managed to open a new section on my lore archive at World Anvil!

  • THE NEXUS 💀contains a ton of articles and lore about the Greylands, created by my long-time collaborator, NecrosisBob from 2014 to today!
  • I’ve been releasing 5-6 articles a month with new sketches and relevant information happening in the background of Sister Seekers, or in a few cases, actually shows up on the page! 👀
  • Join my Patreon for free, Follow me on World Anvil, or Join my Newsletter to be notified of all future lore updates!

My current focus is Sister Seekers 10.

I decided this back in July and thought I’d have plenty of time be able to finish by the end of 2023.

But Life… and Death… had other plans. 😓 It’s been mostly a time to hang in there with family and take things one day at a time.

I am about halfway through Shadows & Hounds now, which patrons can read in installments if they like, but September was full of job hunts and I lost the entire month of October to COVID, an unpanned trip out of town, and starting a new job immediately after getting back (and I’m only 2 weeks into training!) and got almost no writing done.

This is the “kicked my ass” part. 🤕

Aside from the World Anvil and Patreon updates, I’ll only be working on Shadows & Hounds until it’s finished. I would like to get it published during the winter, early 2024.

After that? I plan a “deep” edit of Tales of Miurag: Death, which should be faster to publish, and then start work on Sister Seekers 11: Rising Guardians. 🐲

Not much else to say at this point except I’ll keep going. Just maybe at a slower pace for a while. ✏️ 🧡

Many thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! 🎁