A.S. Etaski

Changing Focus &
Readers’ Support

Many new things are happening quickly!

In November, my first trilogy was released on Kindle Unlimited. In December, I finished God Wars 4 and began Sister Seekers 4. In January, my collaborators and I began the AV reading of “No Demons But US” and the conceptualization and building of this new website.

In April, SS4 “Surfacing” will be published, retelling Sirana’s emergence on the Surface with improved narrative and characterization. This book also begins the all-new Sivaraus plotline! In the official books, the Valsharess, the Prime, and Auranka are active threats both suppressing and revealing the true history of the Dark Elves. The story will be told through the eyes of familiar characters underground who originally weren’t introduced in the series until much later.

By May, we’ll have the beginnings of the Miurag archive, and I’ll begin the next God Wars book for patrons. In addition, because of the exclusivity agreement for Kindle Unlimited, “Surfacing” will come down from the Literotica story site. Other stories will remain free to read.

These are huge changes, presenting my fantasy epic to readers both new and old. I want it to be the best that it can be and make the most of an opportunity I never thought I’d have. My Patreon support has been crucial to making it this far in publishing and continuing Sirana’s story, and it shall continue to be in the future. My tiers and rewards will be restructured to reflect this new focus. 

If you want to support my work, I invite you to become my patron for a monthly pledge as little as buying me a coffee. 😊 Choose among patron-only perks including: a Discord server for patrons to chat with me and my collaborators, brand-new books to read, shout-outs and voting polls, access to works-in-progress, advance reader copies, signed paperbacks, and more!

You can also support me by purchasing or recommending my books, reading them on Kindle Unlimited, or leaving a review on Amazon, GoodReads or Bookbub (even one short sentence helps).

Check out my links to all these places here: https://etaski.com/about/

Thank you for your interest!