A.S. Etaski

Enjoy the Dramatic Reading from
“No Demons But Us”!


I have a love affair with audiobooks; I dream of having time to dabble with the format. I also appreciate good voice actors in my favorite cartoons and movies, and the right voice can catch my ear until the words stop. This reading came about in a convoluted way, but not unusual. It’s just how new projects happen sometimes.

I met Chimera46 through collaboration with Gazukull, as the two began experimenting with voice acting and spoken dialogue in their fantasy AV adult stories. I listened to Gaz’s newest releases and agreed that the voices added something extra to a visual story where I usually read the text between the big dongs and deep cleavage.

During production of Gaz’s next Dead Tide release, his art inspired a bad mock-romance cover from Chimera46 as a joke. This, in turn, inspired the idea for a tongue-in-cheek romance reading produced by him and Miss Moonified, one of his VA collaborators.

But first! They needed to write a “chapter” from a non-existent romance novel. Neither were novel writers, let along romance writers, and were in need of some help. Chimera reached out to me. “Hey, you’ve written lots of novels. You know any romance?” Heh. Yes, having read enough romance in my younger years and grasping the joke, I typed out something for them to adapt into a dramatic reading, with much chortling on my end as I watched it be revised and take form before my eyes.

I was invited to listen to the VA auditions and provided feedback, something I truly enjoyed. And I waited to experience the final product of “Tessa’s Gambit” for more than a month. (Experience it for yourself here! https://slushe.com/video/tessa-s-gambit-full-19275.html)

The “full” version of this romance chapter, as originally written by Chimera46 and myself, was too long/expensive to produce “as is”. The performance was trimmed down to an 8-minute reading, but the long-script version is posted at Literotica under my profile: https://www.literotica.com/s/tessas-gambit

At last, we get to the reading for NDBU. In thanks, Chimera46 offered to produce a brief reading from my first novel in the same format, with me adapting the “script.” I accepted, as one of the VAs from the auditions sounded like an audiobook reader to me, and I asked for her services. She accepted. I had a great time trying something new, learning just a taste about script adaptation and voice directing by “doing,” and having this wonderful piece to show for it. I hope to do something like this again!