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The Sister Seekers begins deep underground, its residents living and dying in dayless night.

Sirana leads the reader through much of the tale, but there were always others around her with their own stories to share.

Etaski has written many side-stories from the view of characters who crossed paths with Sirana at some point in their own journeys. These stories are all interlinked, yet most can also be read on their own.

“I am so very thankful for these side-stories. Sirana’s journey was a pleasure but reading these books was pure exquisite indulgence. I absolutely loved very little bit of detail and backstory. Thank you so much.”

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Etaski writes dark erotic fantasy stories intended for mature audiences.

Sons to Keep

A Sister Free Seeker Prequel

“What if…” Irrwaer began.
Jaunda leaned closer. “If?”
At least she wanted to play.
“What if Juliran authorized me to make a trade with you? An act for an act?”
The Corpora huffed through her nose, conveying all her skepticism for deals with the Sanctuary in one breath. Irrwaer was certain that sentiment should be returned in full, but she worked off what her Priestess had taught her.
Prove useful to a Sister, and you will see her again.
That could be a warning or a promise.

Sons to Keep is a 40K-word novella and prequel for the Sister Seekers. We are introduced the Davrin, Etaski’s Dark Elves, and their underground city of Sivaraus, the first of many settings in the series.
These events occur a century before the birth of the main protagonist, Sirana, in No Demons But Us.
Their effects still ripple out from the center of a tightly woven tapestry.

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