A.S. Etaski

Miurag Setting Archive
To Be Added!

Here we have it: my shiny, new website! It’s beautiful, said one of my testers, but kind of small compared to my old one, with not much to do. I hear you. Don’t worry, we have it covered.

With the upcoming release of Sister Seekers 4: Surfacing and this refreshed look for my work, I decided to start over, slowly adding the Miurag setting content back in. I’ll have new opportunities to present that wished-for reference material I am asked about by readers but at a manageable pace, with each Sister Seekers book officially published. Under this plan, the Miurag world will grow alongside the reveals in the series and eventually take us into the God Wars as well.

The first build is the most important because it must be easy to expand with time. The design process is complex enough that we made it “Phase 2” of this new website. The goal will be to have the first presentation of Miurag (as revealed so far) soon after the launch of SS4: “Surfacing.”

Stay tuned! There will be more to come!