A.S. Etaski

My First & Last Book Recs!

For Now!


my last “big” newsletter went out this morning! 😁

And by BIG, I mean it’s the one that took the most preparation, about 3-4 months.

See, I wanted to actually READ some of these BookFunnel Group Promo indie books I was helping to promote!

But the other thing I also wanted do it was to chat with the authors themselves after I read their book, trade recommendations with our readers, and make a new contact along the way.  💗

Two authors, Dave Reed (Dark Fantasy) and Len M. Ruth (Horror, post-apocalyptic), along with the SFWA StoryBundle were my final author obligations to whom I had committed a while ago and needed to follow through on before I could draw back from marketing for a while.

I’m really happy with this newsletter, though, given how slow and draining it can be for me making ad copy or ad design. 😆  I wanted to do them justice with the meager skills I had.

Will you take a look at my book reviews for Dave and Len? 👀

What my summer reads have in common. 💀 StoryBundle Inside! (mailerlite.io)

Click around at anything that looks interesting, and if you want to try these same offerings, I can heartily recommend them! 😊 They’re free reads if you join the newsletter, but also available to buy through their websites for a dollar or three.

Something amusing: We’re all writing in 1st person POV. 😄

I’ve also been given a complimentary copy of the SWFA Bundle, so if/when I get around to reading any of those, I might mention them if moar books need to be crowed about! ^_^

Cheers, and thanks, everyone!

P.S. Also, Dave recommended “Sons to Keep” on his website last month, and he’s got some beauty of a presentation! O.O
Book Recommendation: Sons to Keep by A.S. Etaski – Dave Reed