A.S. Etaski

I’m in a SFWA Story Bundle!
“Take No Prisoners” Fantasy

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer’s Association

‘Take No Prisoners’ Story Bundle

This is my last “big” group marketing event for the summer, and the one I am most excited about. *_*

The first book in my Sister Seekers series, “No Demons But Us,” is included with twelve other great indie author fantasy books! Readers get a bargain, directly support the authors, and give to charity!

Scott Coatsworth, the main gent at Liminal Fiction, with whom I’ve been working in other respects over the last 2 years, reached out to me and invited me to submit NDBU! This isn’t just “buying in” or “paying a fee” for promotion. This was from a non-profit.

“Hey, I work with the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Association and we need a few more indie authors for this ‘Take No Prisoners’ StoryBundle. And I thought of you.”

I recall he also said, “I can submit it on your behalf, but it does still need to be approved by the organizers.”

Oh, yes. “Take No Prisoners” is a great and fitting title, but there’s still the “mature” aspect. ^_^* Totally a “Hey, no problem! Thank you for thinking of me either way!”

When I didn’t hear anything after a couple weeks, I figured it was a “No, thanks.”

Until the organizer reached out 2 months later! XD

LO! O.O They approved my submission!

No Demons But Us is one of the “bonus books” you get for hitting the $20 mark on this “Pay what you want” Bundle! A total of 13 books!

There is also a Sci-Fi Bundle in the tabs at the top!


I’m really excited because this is a unique experience in my writing career! I can reach new readers in a ‘warm’ audience that’s strictly through networking (not my strongest suit), not playing the “pay ads and fight algorithm” games on the other platforms. ^_^

Everyone who buys a bundle is directly supporting the independent authors listed, the SFWA, and can even give a portion of the proceeds to charity! <3

This bundle runs through August 17, 2023.

Take a look! Pick it up if you like and, if you can, please help us spread the word over the next 3 weeks! 🙂

Cheers, everyone! ~Etaski