A.S. Etaski


A.S. Etaski

Author of The Sister Seekers and God Wars series

About A.S. Etaski

Etaski has been writing for 15 years and playing RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons for even longer. She prefers writing complex, dark epic fantasy and​​ loves her sensual Dark Elves facing off with demons, dragons, and simple sunlight. She adores her necromancers summoning the walking dead alongside dwarves in battle and high-stakes adventure.

Sister Seekers includes:

  • Epic Fantasy with a Broad Scope
  • Dark Fantasy & Horror
  • BDSM, Powerplay, Dubcon, Non-con fantasies
  • Learning about Consent
  • Flexible, polyamorous characters
  • Large Casts with Long Lives & Longer Histories

Her books weave through an intense story which starts small and dark but grows ever larger, coming into the light.​​​​​​​

    The Adults are Talking

    This story doesn’t fit commercial tropes and expectations of Dark Fantasy, Grimdark, GameLit/LitRPG, Erotica, Horror, or Epic Fantasy. Yet Sister Seekers has been compared to all of them.

    The reading experience might lie in the center of a venn diagram with:

    • Lord of the Rings intricate mythos, potent forces in conflict, & powerful relics.
    • Game of ThronesExplicit abuse of power, gritty & brutal aspects of rulers and war.
    • SandmanAbstract concepts, dreams, & death become tangible.
    • Kushiel’s DartPolitical intrigue, religious sexuality, & culture-disrupting plots.
    • ElfQuestFound family, love & polyamory, quests & history spanning millennia.

    The epic includes explicit sex often reflecting their cultures. Many times, it drives the plot and motivations but isn’t written as wish-fulfillment. There’s immersion and escape, but there’s also self-reflection.

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    Eris Adderly

    Highly recommended indie author of fantastic subversive romance novels. Never half-assed, always well-crafted and researched, a lady of scalding hot wordsmithing and comedic turns of phrase lurking in her every text. Eris is also a fan of Etaski’s series and the talented book cover designer!



    Graphic design artist, Literotica author, and gifter of Etaski’s first fan art. He has created Demotivationals for Etaski’s patrons (of silly or serious nature) and many custom pieces for my website. His Literotica stories favor the bawdy and shocking. A fine friend who’s got your back, he warns you about drop bears.


    Artist, costume crafter, tinkerer and scribbler, author of “From the Library of Shadows: A Greylands Sourcebook.” NB is a major contributor to the Miurag setting with inspirations taken from extensive sources and collaborative brainstorming. Many of his ideas and characters have been incorporated as Miurag continually expands through both novel series.



    Professional 3D pornographer, Dark Elf connoisseur, and creator of a mountain of 3D fan art for Etaski’s patrons. His AV-stories are some of Etaski’s favorite fantasy smut for the loveable characters drizzled with ludicrous humor and plenty of spooge.


    Dark Pulse

    Literotica author, military history buff, and top-notch GM. He and Etaski have been reading stories in each other’s fantasy worlds for years. Author of “Thornback: A Tale of Miurag” and contributor to the Miurag setting.



    As a hobbyist NSFW 3D animator, he makes polygons move. In his work, you’ll find humor, wisdom, and philosophy tucked within vast cleavage. Audio-visual editor who regularly collaborates with other 3D artists, voice-actors and creators. Producer of Etaski’s dramatic reading presentation from “No Demons But Us.”



    Sammael Bard

    Author and artist on Literotica, dreamer and critic. Creator of my official map of Miurag after he created one of his own for his medieval-fantasy WIP, “Heir to the Throne.” Read the first complete story arch here!


    Naked Blades

    Indecent Warriors and Wenches Serving the Fantasy and RPG community since 1996.
    The earliest story featuring Sirana is posted at this website with the author’s permission. Recommended for free “Sword and Sorcery” erotic fiction and artwork. Home of the Tavern of the Broken Axe forum. Now accepting submissions for story contests!


    Guido Henkel

    He makes published books look beautiful. For professional e-book and print formatting, pre-designed book covers and design services, please visit Covertopia:



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