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Miurag Archive live!

There’s a new link on the website titled “Miurag”!  The beginning of a series bible, a dream since before etaski.com was built, and announced in February 2020. It was part of the original design but was so large an aspect, it had to be worked on separately. With the pandemic, that took all year.

Thanks to Kangar00’s beautiful design, my collaborator NecrosisBob and myself creating and curating content, and with brand-new artwork from Axelotl, there’s now a full framework for expanding my Miurag setting archive, plus enough actual content to make it public! ^_^

The Miurag link takes you to a lovely place called World Anvil, which offers sci-fi fantasists a place to organize their lore and setting work. It takes you to my little corner of WA, an entry with many custom and enhanced features, designed by Kangar00 on my Discord.

This is a long-term project which will see gradual and constant expansion as I publish books. My most frequent update announcements will be on Discord for patrons only, although anyone can create an account at World Anvil, “Follow” the Miurag world and be notified when there’s new stuff to look at. I will also post larger/less frequent updates in my newsletter, on Patreon, and Facebook, Twitter, and Ko-Fi.

Today, the most work has been done on the Cast of Characters, covering those in the first book, “No Demons But Us.” I wrote in-depth character profiles that don’t just regurgitate what you’ve already seen in the books. This is new content, and my opportunity to explore details about characters that the main protagonist wouldn’t be privy to. 🙂

Patrons in my Top 3 Tiers–Archivist, Acknowledgement, and The Hoard–can also see exclusive content. Right now, that includes additional details on every character profile and on the maps, with much more to come! Those patrons receive special instructions from me.

Everyone is invited to have a gander and browse around! This new perk is funded and supported by patrons but will be useful to everyone reading the Sister Seekers series! 

Cheers, and thank you for reading!  ~Etaski