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Feels like I’ve been “in transition” ever since quitting my day job in summer 2021… and I guess I have been.

Regardless, all is for the benefit of the long-haul after spending a decade adding word count to Word documents and worldbuilding in my head. ^_^*

I have a lot of catching up to do. Steps I either skipped, didn’t know before, or didn’t have time to do are now necessary to grow. I’m ready.

Once again, I’m starting over, but at a different point on the field. It’s a good thing. 😊


Publishing Beyond Amazon


Turns out I didn’t have to wait for each 90-day cycle to end in Kindle Unlimited before Amazon would remove the rest of the series. Once Books 1-3 dropped out October 26th, the Zon removed the request of the books upon my request.

Sister Seekers is now available “wide” on multiple platforms: Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, Barnes & Noble, GooglePlay Books, Kobo, and more!

Check out my universal author page with ALL retail links in one place!

A.S. Etaski (books2read.com)


The Complementary Series has begun!


To celebrate this milestone, I’ve published the first of four Tales of Miurag anthologies, The Deepearth.

These were exclusive patron backstories written from 2015-2017 which helped develop the world. With Battle for Manalar finished, these will now compliment the mains series instead of being major spoilers.

Coming Next:

The Desert – by February 2023

The Dragonchild – by June 2023

Death – to be published late 2023 after Sister Seekers 10, Shadows & Hounds


BookFunnel now critical to operations


The Present:

  • Patrons can read all their Etaski books in one place, either on BookFunnel’s fabulous app, any web browser, or even their favorite e-reader! Even better, they never lose access to their BookFunnel Library!
  • Advance Readers (patrons and non-patrons) and I have a secure, streamlined process through BF for reading new releases early and receiving links to leave honest reviews! Join my $2 tier on Patreon or my newsletter to be added to the ARC pool!
  • Readers joining my newsletter through Etaski.com also receive the free prequel, Sons to Keep, new release announcements and discount sales through BookFunnel!
  • BookFunnel allows indie authors to find each other to offer sales and free reads, so you can discover hidden gems through our newsletters!


The Future:

Exclusive bundles of ebooks, digital art, audio clips, or even full audiobooks are all possibilities for further expansion! 😊


Lastly, a bit of bad news (but not too bad):


I genuinely didn’t anticipate all this happening so fast. I believed I had time to finished Sister Seekers 9 by December.

However, in October, I suffered an acute neck spasm, pinching a nerve so that I couldn’t sit in the writer’s chair. The injury required treatment beyond simple rest, and I lost several weeks of writing time.

Then Sister Seekers was abruptly out of KU, and I was scrambling to set up this new author field for myself: publishing wide, releasing a new book, and improving things for patrons.

I do not have enough time left to finish SS9 for December release.

Presently, Awake in the Dark is 30% complete. I am prioritizing this manuscript for tentative release in January 2023.

Further updates as we get closer.


Thank you, everyone! Be warm and safe!